Resources By Topic

The resources we have included on our site provide information and support for all professionals working with parents with learning difficulties, across a variety of topics relating to these families.

icn support

Support & Service Needs

Includes: Adapting your approach, experiences of parents, working with fathers and older children.
Why use it? Focusing on improving support rather than parent's difficulties brings better service for families.

icn peducation

Parent Education

Includes: Designing and implementing programs, how people with learning difficulties learn, support for specific skills.
Why use it? Educating parents on parenting helps them raise their children independantly.

icn outcomes

Outcomes for Children

Includes: Facts on the lives of children with parents with learning difficulties, tips for bringing children's needs into service.
Why use it? Including children in the picture ensures everyone is focused on the best outcome for the whole family.

icn protection

Child Protection

Includes: Research into child protection, what to expect when child protection is involved.
Why use it? Parents with learning difficulties are highly represented in the child protection system.

icn health


Includes: Pregnancy outcomes, teaching health and safety skills to parents with learning difficulties.
Why use it? Learning difficulties are often accompanied with a range of health concerns that may impact parenting ability.

icn assessment


Includes: How assessment tools can be used, their effectiveness, and different approaches.
Why use it? IQ is just one factor in parenting ability, and other aspects may have more impact.

icn advocacy


Includes: Working with advocates, advocating for someone professionally, and advocating for someone personally.
Why use it? Advocates play an important role in ensuring people with learning difficulties can make informed decisions.

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