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Azar, S., Robinson, L., & Proctor, S. (2012) A Guiding Model for Social Service Enhancement to Address the Needs of Parents With Intellectual Disabilities
Proctor, S., & Azar, S. (2012) The Effect of Parental Intellectual Disability Status on Child Protection Service Worker Decision Making
Mildon, R., Matthews, J., Gavidia-Payne, S. (2003) Understanding and Supporting Parents with Learning Difficulties



Understanding and Planning Support Assessment and Planning Approach
The Understanding and Planning Support Assessment and Planning Approach (UPS) is an innovative assessment tool developed to assist practitioners and parents with intellectual disabilities work collaboratively to understand and plan support. The UPS was developed by Dr Margaret Spencer as a doctoral candidate and as part of a research initiative undertaken by the University of Sydney and NSW Family Services, with the assistance of an Australian Research Council Strategic Partnership Industry Research and Training Grant.
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