Parenting Education

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Father Inclusive Checklist
Evidence-informed ideas and tips for making a service more accessible for fathers with learning difficulties. Questions posed help to highlight goals for organisational policy and practice change. The aim is to assist services to develop specific recruitment and intervention strategies that target leaning style and communication.
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Step by Step Baby Care
The Step-by-Step Baby Care DVD supports the specific needs of new parents who have learning difficulties. The DVD can be used as an interactive teaching aide and left with parents to use at home. Skills are broken down into step-by-step components, with repetition and prompts to direct the viewer’s attention to the most important parts of each skill.
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Me & My Community
This resource aims to help mothers with learning difficulties to identify their own learning needs and aspirations, and support them to create learning opportunities and connect with resources available in their local communities. It can be run by any experienced group work facilitator committed to strength-based family support.
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Parent Education Practice Guide
This guide supports experienced parent educators and practitioners who have completed Parenting Young Children (PYC) training to develop and use task analyses as a parenting skill assessment and teaching aid. They can be used to highlight a parent's strengths as well as to indicate areas for further development and record progress over time.
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