Programs & Support

We offer a range of support activities for professionals and organisations, tailored to the level of support needed. To discuss how we could support you in your work, please contact us.

Find out a little more about the types of support we specialise in below.

Professional development and program delivery

We have developed evidence-informed programs designed for professionals working with parents with learning difficulties. Each program offers implementation support and is tailored to local outcomes or concerns. Programs may be attended by a collection of professionals from the area, or organisations may choose to arrange for a program delivered internally.

Best Practice Approaches

An introductory workshop focusing on best practice approaches for anyone working with parents with learning difficulties.

Leadership Development

Building skills and capacity in professionals working to improve service delivery for parents with learning difficulties.

Parenting Young Children

A home-based parent education program focusing on developing positive parent-child interactions and improved child care skills.
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Healthy & Safe: An Australian Parent Education Kit

A home-based parent education program focusing on managing home dangers, accidents and childhood illness.
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Contact us to discuss any of these programs.

Tailored programs

We work with your organisation to customise or develop a program specific to your work with parents with learning difficulties.

Some of the programs we have tailored to agencies have included:

  • An introductory workshop for child protection practitioners.
  • A program for specialist services practitioners, improving their communication skills.
  • A forum for antenatal nurses and midwives to identify areas of possible gaps in service.

Contact us to find out how we can create a program for your organisation.


We provide consultation and support for projects, programs and resources. Our specialist team can advise on research, planning, development, implementation, and communication, and we specialise in a range of topics relating to parenting and service delivery.

Contact us with to discuss how we can help you with your organisation's work.

Knowledge translation and codevelopment

If you have an initiative that you would like to expand or develop, our team can provide knowledge and experience to put your idea into action.

We have supported agencies by:

  • Developing content for use in training programs.
  • Hosting webinars to share programs and research.
  • Coordinating local forums to exchange knowledge and create networks.
  • Providing advice on writing research using data collected through service delivery.

Contact us to discuss how we can support your work.

Customised support

Our team has a wide range of skills and experience, and we can work with you to support your work with parents with learning difficulties. Whether you are looking for support developing networks, conducting research, developing programs or resources, with knowledge translation and exchange, or any other area of your work, we can help.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support your work.

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