Category: Support and service needs

Children of parents with mental retardation: the paediatrician’s role

Author: Rolfe, U.
Year: 1990
Publisher: Paul H. Brookes

Disabled parents and their children: Building a better future - a discussion document

Author: Newman, T.; Wates, M.
Year: 2005
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An ordinary family life

Author: Booth, T.;Booth, W.
Year: 1992

Through the looking glass

Author: Kirshbaum, M.
Year: 1993

State of neglect: A three part series.

Author: Miller, W.T.
Year: 1994

Social support networks and psychological well-being of mothers with intellectual disabilities

Author: Stenfert Kroese, B.;Hussein, H.;Clifford, C.;Ahmed, N.
Year: 2002

Intellectually handicapped mothers: Problems and prospects

Author: Rosenberg, S. A.;Mc Tate, G. A.
Year: 1982

Issues around service provision for parents with an intellectual disability

Author: Ely, L.;Wilson, C. ;Phillips, E.
Year: 1998

Looking inside the bag of tools: Creating research encounters with parents with an intellectual disability

Author: Munford, R., Sanders, J., Mirfin-Veitch, B., & Conder, J
Year: 2008

Motherhood, family and community life

Author: Bjorg Sigurjonsdottir, H.;Traustadottir., Rannveig
Year: 2000
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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